Tim (teethang) wrote,

Getting stuff ready

So I am sitting here in Starbucks right now, doing my daily applying for jobs. I have been making myself still get up everyday and leave the house like I would go to work, then come here and apply for jobs and people watch for awhile. If I just stay at home, I'll just get lazy, and depressed, and I can't do that. Have had a few responses to my resume, but I don't think people are really reading my resume, just seeing a few highlighted words and phrases and responding based on that. I know plenty of us at AppleOne use to do that when we would search careerbuilder for those hard to fill jobs, so I really can't fault these people.

Gotta do laundry and pack tonight for San Francisco, I am getting excited about this trip! I haven't seen Aly in close to 11 years, and I've never been up that way, so that'll be good too. I have a few things planned as far as what I wanna do, but mostly I am just gonna play it by ear :)
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