Tim (teethang) wrote,

Fanning the flames

So I think this Starbucks that I have been going to in the mornings must be the gay Starbucks in the area. Yesterday I noticed a few gay people here, but today its like a brush fire in here! And I got cruised hardcore by this guy in front of me in line wearing his little Catholic High School t-shirt. Not only did he look me up and down and stop at my crotch, when he turned to face away from me he blatantly stuck his ass out at me. And if the guy behind the counter called me "Hun" one more time I was gonna have to correct him.

I applied for 6 jobs today, I have a phone interview at 1 today, gotta be at the airport by 2:45, already checked in online last night, I packed SO much last night, I'm all ready to go :)

Currently I'm watching an interview going on at the table next to me. And what do you know, the guy being interviewed sounds like a homosexual, this definitely must be the gay Starbucks for Chandler.
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