Tim (teethang) wrote,

SF Trip Day 1

Today was very low key, but it was good. Slept till around 9 am, got up and had some tea with Aly and lots of good conversation. Then I hopped online to see what James (terraplanner)was doing and if he wanted to get together. I made my way down to Palo Alto via BART and Caltrain, and met him for lunch at Pluto's. The sandwich was delicious and we had some good conversation, then went back and hung out at his apartment until around 4 PM and then I came back out here to Aly and Paul's. We had dinner at a Thai restaurant and I had my first glass of Thai Iced Tea, which I enjoyed :) Then we went to the movies tonight, and just got back from that.

No idea what I am doing tomorrow, but I think Aly and I are gonna make our way into the city.
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