Tim (teethang) wrote,

The Big Easy

I am going to New Orleans on Monday for work and coming home Tuesday night. I've never been before, but I don't think I'll be able to enjoy much of the city, which is pretty standard with most of my work trips. I have to fly to Charlotte at 6:00 AM and then catch my flight to New Orleans from there. I think I arrive in New Orleans around 6:00 PM or so. Then the next day will all be spent at the airport, then I leave back for Charlotte at 2:30 PM to catch my flight back to Phoenix. I'll be back here around 9:00 PM.

I might try and do a few things in New Orleans the day I arrive, we'll see how I feel after traveling all day. But, everytime I think of New Orleans, I think of the episode of Designing Women when they go there. Specifically, I think of the clip below...

This never fails to crack me up! Its just something about the way Charlene says "Do you think it's the voodoo?" always makes me laugh.
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