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Everybody's Looking For Something.....

20 December 1978
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So this is the journal of Tim, former midwesterner/Michiganian, Arizona resident, former FI, 80s freak, recruiter, Audrey Hepburn loving, sometimes deep, usually funny, well dressed, well washed and groomed, football watching, Annie Lennox worshiping, hopelessly single gay man. Enjoy my journal!

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Jay Manuel is the Sexy, Platinum, Latino, Object of my Desire.

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1980s, 80s movies, 80s music, 80s sitcoms, 80s trivia, adamandandy, alias, aliens, ancient rome, annie lennox, asian design, audrey hepburn, being pinchi, books, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, breakfast at tiffany's, breakfast club, broadway, cartoons, catia lee love, celia cruz, cezanne, charade, cheesecake, classic rock, clubs, cuddling, dance music, dancing, daphne rubin-vega, dave matthews band, depeche mode, desperately seeking susan, disneyland, donald duck, donna summer, drag pageants, drag shows, dreaming, enigma, erasure, eurythmics, evita, fashion, football, fraggle rock, gael garcia bernal, gavin creel, gay, gay guys, gay men, gay sex, getting flowers, gloria estefan, golden girls, good conversations, goofy guys, guys, hanging out with friends, harry potter, hitchcock, humor, i love the 80s, indiana jones, instrumental music, italy, james bond, janet jackson, jay manuel, jazz, karaoke, kenneth cole, kill bill, kisses, kissing, latin guys, laughter, law and order, layla larue, love, madonna, making love, making out, manhattan, maya montana, men, miss gay america, moonstruck, movies, music, my fair lady, napping, natalie merchant, new york city, newspapers, nicholas gonzalez, nick verreos, orlando bloom, paulina rubio, people watching, pet shop boys, peter gabriel, queer as folk, queer eye, rain, reading, rent, ricky martin, robin hood, roman holiday, romance, rome, seduction, selena, sesame chicken, sex, sex and the city, singing, singing my heart out, sleep, soundtracks, space channel 5, stand up comedy, stevie nicks, sutton foster, tall guys, techno, thalia, the bangels, the broken hearts club, the godfather, the golden girls, the queens of comedy, theatre, thunderstorms, tina landon, tori amos, tracy chapman, travel, trick, tv theme songs, wait until dark, walking, walt disney world, wanda sykes, white guys, wine, working out, writing